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This is a reanimation of the Vicaribus blog as lived by Miro Kazakoff and Ehren Foss in 2004 and 2005. The photos may be spotty.

The images at the top of the page are drawn randomly from a directory of N images according to the following algorithm, which favors the most recently added (higher _X.jpg):

  • X = (N - 1) - rand(1,rand(1,N))

A description of each:

Near Bear Mountain, NY around November 24th.

Miro, Ehren, and "Dick Waddums" before crossing the Chesapeake into Virginia.

Parked near Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Parked near Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Innisfree, Virginia.

Junkyard where seatbelts and BOSE sound system were purchased. Other bus used to support hobbyist racecar driving by proprietor's sons.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Friends in Chapel Hill, NC

Totally bonkers religious figurine and hubcap store in Augusta, GA.

Koinonia, Georgia. Commune that foundered Habitat for Humanity.

Wonderful Foods of the South. Piggly Wiggly near Americus Georgia.

Rear gun turret of B-52 near USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama.

Casino valet service in Biloxi, Miss.

Our parking spot in Austin, Texas.

New front tires outside San Antonio, Texas.

Truck stop near San Antonio, Texas.

Sunset near Del Rio, Texas. Miro went back to Austin the next morning.

Miro plays guitar in Austin on Jforbess' stoop.

The bus crosses the 250,000 mile mark near Houston, Texas.

White Sands, New Mexico. Dirk paces.

White Sands, New Mexico.

Near Kelly, New Mexico. Ghost town.

Guadelupe Mountains National Park, Texas.

View across Hoover Dam, Nevada and Arizona.

View of bus from Hoover Dam.

Lonely gas station on Route 66, Arizona.

Snow on I-40, near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Snow on I-40.

Switchbacks climbing out of Sedona, Arizona.

Bus conversion from Alaska, in Apache Junction, AZ.

Mountains in Southern Nevada, south of Las Vegas.

Martin and McBean, in Red Rocks State Park, Nevada (Ehren in the background).

Billy, Steve, McBean, and Mel in Red Rocks State Park, Nevada.

The Hardcorps from Cruftlabs. In Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dusty sunrise over new construction in Las Vegas, Nevada.

View from outskirting hill SW corner of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bus barely visible in foreground.

Cruftlabs climbs Red Rocks.

McBean and Ehren at Red Rocks.

Miro's pasty white ass. Near Santa Barbara, California.

Friendly dog at orange stand on the road to Ventura, California.

Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara City Hall

Streamside moss near Santa Barbara, California.

Rearview mirror view of US-93 climbing the last ridge of the Colorado Plateau before the river valley.

View through fog to Pacific Ocean. Near Big Sur, California

(Rotated) flowers in Big Sur, California.

US-1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in Big Sur, California.

Waterfall in Big Sur, California.

Green hills near San Luis Obispo, California.

Neptune Pool at the Hearst Castle. Near San Simeon, California.

Marble goddess at the Hearst Castle.

Green hills headed to Big Sur, California.

Common Vision tourbus #1. San Luis Obispo, California.

Madonna Inn. San Luis Obispo, California.

View of neighborhood and bus. San Luis Obispo, California.

Seal in Monterrey, California.

Wharf in Monterrey California.

Robolympics in San Francisco, California (SF State U.)

Cummins 'B' engine, post oil change. Berkeley, California.

Bus conversion seen in Oakland, California.

Bay Bridge. San Francisco, California.

The Shipyard artist community. Berkeley, California.

Santa Cruz, California.

Santos' driveway. Palo Alto, California.

The San Francisco Bay

Bus conversion near The Shipyard. Berkeley, California.

Studebaker perched atop The Shipyard. Berkeley, California.

Dale, Ehren, Fluet, and Sally. Anthony Chabot Regional Park, Oakland California.

YYYYESSS!! FIRE!! Also at the BBQ in Oakland.

Fluet, Miro, Todd, Wexler, and Elaine. Sunday morning in the bus. Oakland, California.

Valley to the east of Napa, California.

Wine casks at Robert Mondavi vineyard. Oakville, California.

Grapevines. Oakville, California.

More grapevines. Oakville, California.

Central valley, near Chico, California.

Roadside near Middletown, California.

Roosevelt Elk, Prarie Creek California

Fire hollowed redwoods, Lady Bird Johnson Grove, California

Not A Crook?

Prarie Creek, California

Prarie Creek, California

Prarie Creek, California

Prarie Creek, California

Prarie Creek, California

Coastal Oregon

Coastal Oregon

Coastal Oregon

Oregon Dunes NRA.

Heavyweight Dub Champions. Eugene, Oregon.

Gary the Bus Man. Eugene, Oregon.

Gary's Bus Conversion. Eugene, Oregon.

Hittin' the hard stuff. Eugene, Oregon.

Commander Bok Bok, Sir Boks a Lot, and Zsa Zsa. Eugene, Oregon.

Austere homes, Portland Oregon

Bus conversion, Eugene Oregon.

Chuck Palahni-... Pahlnain... The Fight Club guy's audience. Portland, Oregon.

Storm Trooper, Portland Oregon

Pacific sunset surf. Near Mora Campground, Olympic NP

Near Mora Campground, Olympic NP

Near Mora Campground, Olympic NP

Firedog and The Bus, Mora Campground, Olympic NP

View of Boulder Peak, Olympic NP

Olympic Hot Springs

Valley near Mt. St. Helens.

Bridge along Columbia Gorge

Pacific Sunset, near Mora Campground, Olympic NP

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens visitor center parking lot.

The Bus, view from Coldwater Ridge, near Mt. St. Helens

Auto ferry, lower deck.

Seattle and Mt. Ranier

View from rear deck of auto ferry. Kingston to Edmonds, WA

First blue skies in weeks. Olympic Penninsula.

Parking spot, approx. 1500 S. Utah Ave. Seattle.

Exterior of Music Museum, Seattle

Tuba, Bagpipes, and Percussion. Northwest Folklife Festival

Seattle Central Library

Mural of THE FUTURE. Seattle WA

Joe's twins, Isaac and Aaron, or Aaron and Isaac.

Comet fuselage. Everett, WA

AC Automotive, Seattle WA

Safeco Field, Seattle WA

727 wing, Everett, WA

The bus from 1700 feet up, Squamish BC

Misty fjord of Hope Sound, Squamish BC

The Chief, Squamish BC

Crown bus conversion, Bellingham, WA

US/Canada Border Crossing on I-5.

L2R: Sean, Rana, Miro, Arin, Sam, Ehren

Arin chillaxin on his bus roof. Squamish BC.

Firedog with new wheel mount. Squamish BC.

Sam climbing Burgers & Fries. Arin's feet in background, also Rana. Squamish BC.

It's only a model.

Blue Disco Man vs. Tourist, Granville Island, Vancouver BC

EXTREME GRADES, 99N, near Lillooet BC.

Mountains around Lillooet, BC.

Dee, ?? and Susan, Whistler BC

Lillooet, BC Sunset

Converted South African Firetruck, Jasper Alberta

Spiderman 2 Locomotive, Jasper Alberta

Rain, Canadian Hwy 5, En route to Jasper

River at dusk, Jasper AB

Jasper AB, Rainbow

Mountains near Jasper AB

Charley, near Jasper AB

Columbia Icefield

Columbia Icefield

Columbia Glacier

Banff, AB

Sunshine, Banff AB

Christmas in June, Banff AB

Eureka, MT

Cobalt Lake, Glacier Park, mT

Two Medicine, MT

East Glacier, MT

Lake McDonnel, Glacier Park, MT

Bear Grass flowers, Cobalt Lake, Glacier Park MT

Flowers! Near Seiya Pass, Glacier Park, MT

Going To The Sun Mountain, Glacier Park, MT

Zombie flowers / flash mishap. St. Mary Lake, Glacier Park, MT

Kitchen view of Two Medicine area, Glacier Park, MT

Sunset on US-89

US-89 squall line, East Glacier to Great Falls, MT

Flowers! Glacier Park, MT

Bluffs and Mesas, US-89, East Glacier to Great Falls, MT

Windows XP Background, outside Great Falls, MT

Missouri River, between Great Falls & Helena, MT


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