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This is a reanimation of the Vicaribus blog as lived by Miro Kazakoff and Ehren Foss in 2004 and 2005. The photos may be spotty.


July 3, 2005 near Butte, MT | Printable


A selection of Butte's finest

Posted by Miro

In leui of deep insight and narrative, I wanted to present some snippets of media from around Butte to give you a sense of where we find ourselves.

From the sign in the scenic overlook describing Butte:

"Butte has a most cosmopolitan population derived from all four corners of the world. She was a bold, unashamed. rootin', tootin', hell-roarin' camp in days gone by and still drinks her liquor straight."

From the Butte Weekly

From the unsigned Media Watch section regarding Bush’s statement that he might visit Vietnam:

”Dubya, let’s face it, was a draft dodger. He was either too scared or considered himself too important to join the rest of us in ‘Nam.”

From the paper’s editorial page:

”Monday is July 4. It is the day U.S. residents celebrate their independence from England. It should be a day to be remembered fondly with visions of the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the evolution of the Federalist Papers, the deep that had to have gone on to develop the U.S. Constitution. “But its it? “Probably not.”

I won’t quote it, but the Butte Weekly also has an article about the period in the early 1940s where the Mayor died and two men claimed to be new, legally recognized mayor. Both occupied separate offices in City Hall.

From The Underground: Butte’s Independent Alternative Newspaper

Remember, this is the alternative paper

After two pages of poetry and photos, from an unsigned article called “Off-Road Riders Need Space:

For a moment think about some Greenie/Tree hugger or a Forest Service employee telling you, “you can no longer ride here. You are ruining the environment.”

From the small print describing how the paper is produced

The Underground extends sincere thanks to Butte Police officers Sgt. Dan Doyle and Sgt. Tom Green for their work leading to charges in recent crimes have been the cause of widespread consternation in Butte. It has come to the attention that certain comments made by the Underground have been interpreted by readers as possibly suggesting the police were not giving matters full attention. Plainly, this is a misinterpretation.

A caption of a picture of a dilapidated building:

The exterior of the Dumas Brothel has not changed much in nearly 100 years. Butte’s fallen angle of architectural treasure is once again beset by hard times.

From Freedom Fest 2005, the overview of the weekend’s celebrations

From an advertisement for a local law firm:

We pray that you have a safe and happy fourth of July. As patriotic Americans, let us thank God for our flag of freedom and our law which guarantees individual happiness, dignity and security.”

The theme of the parade tomorrow: “Undaunted and courageous.”

The Northeast this is not.

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