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This is a reanimation of the Vicaribus blog as lived by Miro Kazakoff and Ehren Foss in 2004 and 2005. The photos may be spotty.


July 14, 2005 near Calgary, AB | Printable


My name is Gus, I'm a Longhorn Steer, and I weigh 1600 lbs.

Posted by ehren

Tuesday night I snuck off for internet around 5 (there aren't many of the old standbys in Calgary, so I ended up at a pub with live music, leaning up in the corner next to the outlet), returned around 7 or 8. I met back up with Sean and Rana and we wandered the grounds, taking in a variety of unnaturally fried foods (fried mac & cheese? sounds good to me...). Rana wanted to see Abbamania (tribute band for _?) at 10:30, so after enduring 10 minutes of Stayin' Alive's clumsy stage management (tribute band for _?) we killed time in scam city, an array of booths in a convention center selling all kinds of "Not sold in stores!" items. I've never really seen huckstering before...

Abbamania was unexpectedly terriffic. I've obviously never seen an original live ABBA show, but I'm familiar enough with their millieu that the staging, personalities, and costumes struck me as "real enough." The music was solid... I'm not sure if they were playing their own instruments or not, and I don't really care. Moreover, the crowd was completely jazzed. ABBAmaniacs of every generation (even grandmothers were rocking out left, right, front and center. Somebody crowd surfed. By the end of the show (Rana dragged Sean to the front row and spent the duration of the concert in some kind of sonic Swedish AM-Gold trance) Miro and I were agog at what we had witnessed.

We caught the school bus back to the campground, driven by -- and I'm not making this up -- William H. Macy from Fargo's canuck twin. Oh jeez.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked all day, 8 and 6 hours respectively. It felt great to get all of it into my head for several long stretches, though my lower back eventually complained of my 'lean up against the full laundry bag' posture, and my ass fell asleep a few times. If you think it's hard to walk with a sleeping foot... But, work is not adventure or hijink so I won't go into detail.

Sean and I went for a bike ride each day, one in the morning for 36 miles at an average speed off 16.5mph in a big 'P' shaped tour of square roads, gentle hills, and bright yellow alfalfa, and the other in the evening for 24 miles at an average speed of 17.6mph. Sean can be (is) incredibly competitive, so while I know I couldn't take him in a race at this point, I was satisfied to stick to his rear wheel during our final sprints. My bicycle is working very smooothly, though with a new chain on old gears it tends to slip when I stand on it at low cadence.

Thursday night Sean and Rana cooked BBQ smokies (spiced sausage). Mmmm.... During my work days they toured the old (88') Olympic Facilities, trying the luge and scorpion 'rides', and put in additional time at the stampede. Miro purchased a complete cowboy outfit. Does he look like a seasoned ranch hand, or simply ridiculous? I'll let the internet be the judge. anyone?

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