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This is a reanimation of the Vicaribus blog as lived by Miro and Ehren in 2004 and 2005. The photos may be spotty as they've been copied around several times - another copy exists here.


To Mequon

Madison and Chicago

Canadian Plains


To Calgary

Bozeman & Gallatin River


Helena and the Berkeley Pit

Great Falls to Helena


Kalispell, Montana


Icefields Parkway


Lillooet to Jasper

Interior BC

Vancouver BC




Mt. St. Helens, Olympic, Ferry, Sean & Rana



Oregon Dunes

Captain Erosion and Dr. Endanger strike again!

Oregon South Coast



Wine Country

Oakland Cookout

Santos Driveway

Back to the East

San Francisco

Big Sur

S.L.O. Country

Santa Barbara

Across California

Cruftlabs in Vegas

The Hoover Dam

Thanks, New Deal!


I was lazy with the camera.

The Golden Hind

Miro needed a set of interior/exterior shots for some reason. Plus, the floor is in, and has been photographed.

White Sands

Extended New Mexico

Nuevos Mexico

Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and beyond...

New Mexico Part I

West Texas

The stars at night, are big and bright CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP deep in the heaaaaaaaaaart of Texas.

Empty Texas

Hill Country to Big Sky Country

Sugar Bowl to Austin or something.

This is a disorganized and poorly sorted mishmash of pictures that have been sitting on my camera for a while.

Biloxi To NOLA


Koinonia is a Christian farm/commune in Georgia. Habitat for Humanity started there, and they were one of the focal points of civil rights tension in the 50s and 60s. We pruned grapevines, helped organize the library, talked to all kinds of folks, saw a monolithic dome house (sweet), and had a Merry Christmas


Yay Falcons

Charleston SC

Chapel Hill and Myrtle Beach

A fantastic time in a college town not studying hard enough for exams, and 80 degrees by the beach.

Blue Hills


Innisfree and Environs

An idyllic healthcare facility for the disabled.

District of Columbia

We parked not 5 blocks from the Capitol

Richmond and DC

Ehren's aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins live in Richmond, where his mom's family had having Thanksgiving.


Turducken for me. Turducken for you.

West Hartford to Princeton

Miro grew up in West Hartford, and many friends were having Thanksgiving in Princeton.

It Is On

And away we go....


We take the beast for a first legal drive (to get diesel fuel). Cruftlabs, ho!

Grinding and Such and Such

More holes through the floor for propane appliances, beginning prep work on the underside of the bus.


Starting to finish the interior, futzing with appliances, etc.

Progress and Redsox

Forging ahead on the bus, taking more time to watch the ALDS, ALCS, and World Series. And the looting.

Grin and Bear It

A visit from the F.A.O. Schwartz bear.

Finishing the Exterior

Are we done with the exterior yet? Seriously.

Painting Time

The HMS Ridiculotron begins to show her true colors.

Floor Holes and Bondo

Miro finishes up the bondo on the exterior while I grind holes in the floor for utility piping.


Installing the huge starboard bank of windows, along with other portals.

Sheet Metal & Kitchen

More exterior work, plus framing the kitchen.


The interior begins to take shape. The exterior begins to fill in.

A Week With the Roof Up

Miscellany, recovery, recouping, moving forward.

Roof Raising Part II

Finishing up the roof raise on the 3rd day

Roof Raising Part I

A colossal undertaking.

Roof Raising Leadup

Site preparation, building the towers, and ridding the bus of debris.

Drafting, Steel, and Wood

These pictures show some of the steps required to prepare to prepare to raise the roof.


A tour of Boston's used automotive parts community. We searched for a way to get rid of the bus seats, and also procured several large gas tanks for future wastewater storage.

NH Shack of Josh

A weekend retreat to the Northland to help Josh raise a US Army surplus "Large Maintenance Enclosure" to contain his fleet of wild automobiles.

Bus Central

A tour of the central nervous system of the bus project.

Roof Analysis

Looking into the structure of the upper part of the bus in order to plan the roof raising.

Glamour Shots

40 feet long, safety blue, and dressed to the 9s.

Wisconsin to Boston

A long 3 day drive (with my mom) from Mequon to Boston. We stayed with the Hon. Reverend Paul M. Litvak in Ann Arbor, and slept in a truck stop the second night.


Sanding the bus, painting the bus, removing seats, and chillaxin.

Missouri to Wisconsin

Another long day of driving. From Missouri, went North along the Mississippi to Burlington for breakfast with my grandparents. Then, a slog on rural highways to Wisconsin.

Oklahoma to Missouri

A long day of driving from Oklahoma, through a slice of Kansas, and across northern Missouri.

Boston to Texas to Palmyra

A day after quitting my job at EMC, I flew to Dallas to pick up the bus. After re-registering for insurance twice, I was on my way.

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