500 Miles

Posted by ehren

We just rocked the 500 mile stretch from Minot to Minneapolis. Started around 11:30 after the Tim McGraw show, I drove until 3:30 (when I reached Jamestown, on I-94... yep, it took 4 hours to get to an interstate from Minot). Miro woke up at 6 and started driving while I slept in the back... until the first couple of bumps when I became airborne and moved to the couch (substantially smaller moment arm). When I woke up around 10 we were in Minnesota, stopped at a Perkins, then I drove the remaining 150 to the Twin Cities.

In no particular order: I bought new jeans, saw a yodeling competition at the ND State Fair, was accused of trying to run over a teen cheerleader's brand new Jeep Cherokee ("I wasn't going to hit you... there are 3 inches left." "I don't believe you!" "Then back up a few feet."), spent at least two solid afternoons in the basement of Minot's only coffee shop (not a bad setup, actually). I have in the back of my mind trying to write down the immeasurable meaty wisdom accrued on this adventure, but it's hard to get started.

In the three days I've waited to book my MKE - BOS flights prices have gone up 50% (thanks Murphy!), so now I'm looking at one of the most complicated bus / rail / rail / bus / car or train or plane itineraries I've ever put together.

The two notable events from North Dakota:

1) On our way out of the coffee shop parking lot Thursday night, after visit to a local bar to discuss The Future, we passed a group of women who banged on the bus door, proclaimed themselves to be a bachelorette party, and demanded a ride to their next venue. How could we refuse? The Bachelorette had a great time, despite pediatric appointments the next day (she's a recently accredited doctor). Around 2 a.m. she yelled "I have to perform a circumcision in six hours!" at anyone who would listen. It ended up being the safest option for me to drive her to her fiance's place, followed by Miro in the bus. The whole way (after several navigational misunderstandings) she was trying to convince me she was ok to drive (nope), and I kept stealing looks at the lurking bus in the rear view. I've never seen it in motion before, except from within.

2) Tim McGraw concert. At Miro's insistence, we bought standing room tickets for one of country music's biggest stars. The concert was decent, I wish I'd known more of the lyrics, Faith Hill (Mrs. McGraw) came onstage for a few surprise numbers. And then we hit the road for Minn.