This Is The End

Posted by ehren

When did it end? We're finally in Mequon, my homeland from 1987 - 1998, parked and looming large in my mom's driveway. Only one set of neighbors have come over to ask "What... what is that thing?" but I have a feeling there will be more. You could argue that the grand voyage ended for me the first night in Madison, when I slept in my dad's house instead of in the bus. Arriving in Mequon and pulling into Lac du Cours, then Chantilly Ct. had a substantially stronger feeling of finality. We're defrosting the fridge...rather, the fridge is defrosting itself because we're out of propane. I've moved out some of my clothes, and my toothbrush and towel.

The biggest challenge of the next few weeks will be to take what made our lives unbelievably great over the last 8 months and convert it into a stable form. I've made enough resolutions to keep me busy for several New Years to come, and I've been ardently trying to stick to 'em. The future is now. I'm still working on a thoughtful presentation of what I think I've learned throughout this grand adventure, and soon I will reorganize the frontpage of to reflect a more dormant mode, with links to various phases of the project and trip, along with a manageable set of the best 100 or so images, in case future visitors don't want to wade through 135,000 words (!!) to find the highlights. My camera has taken 3,400 pictures, most of them this year. We have driven 19,000 miles since picking up the bus in Dallas on July 24th of last year, around 18,500 of them since leaving Boston.

I have uploaded two more directories of photos, and have added the last few "on the road" titlebar images. This website belongs to the bus, and as I am rapidly re-assimilating into conventional modern life, I'll probably stop posting my daily activities here. I have found it supremely enjoyable and useful to keep a written record of the wild, surreal, and mundane, and I hope you've enjoyed reading about our weird lives. On many occasions, it was the potential disappointment of our readership which caused us to seek adventure, helped us to keep going, and find more wonderful things to do, see, and then write about.

Happy trails,


P.s. The bus will certainly travel again someday. It's hard to say where or when. But, in a few days I'll add a fancy little form for you to submit your e-mail if you want to be notified when it leaves port.